terminfo: color vs BW : was COLORFUL PKGTOOL

terminfo: color vs BW : was COLORFUL PKGTOOL

Post by Carlos Domingu » Tue, 04 Oct 1994 05:20:45

.. I had to reinstall hdsetup.tgz from my slackware 2.0 cdrom
in order to get color back on pkgtool, setup, mc and other
slack utils. But now my newer ncurses based software like aumix, is
displaying in black and white :(

Hints, ideas and polite rtfm's with chapter and verse are welcome.

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1. Lost my COLORful pkgtool and setup -- what happened?

: Hi..

: Now they appear in black and white. I recently added ncurses libs to my
: system, could that of broken it? I still do get color ls listings FWIW.

This happened to me just after i filled my root FS, ie i went into the 5%
buffer reserved for root.  Have you done that recently?  Has this happened
to others?  I don't know how to fix it, sorry, as it stayed that way even
after i emptied the FS a bit.  Reinstalling *will* restore the colours by
the way :-)

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