error in NAMED/BIND "Address already in use"

error in NAMED/BIND "Address already in use"

Post by Steve Hu » Sat, 24 Dec 1994 06:23:02

While starting up NAMED in Linux 1.08, after building the config files I
get a "inetd[45]: login/udp: bind: Address already in use"

what address? where can I find this address? Does someone know what this
message means so that I know where to go to correct it?



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I use Redhat Linux 6.1 on a Dell i7500 laptop.
I have been trying to hook this machine up to a home LAN, and
have thus been editing some of the /etc files to get it to work.
Now I am getting lots of troubling error in /var/log/messages like

Feb 12 06:19:32 lanina inetd[2951]: auth/tcp: bind: Address already in use

The gist of the message is pretty clear, but I have no idea how
to track down which particular address is already in use, and how
to fix it. Any suggestions?


Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine CA 92697-3100

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