Help! IBM Thinkpad 350 with 120MB Drive

Help! IBM Thinkpad 350 with 120MB Drive

Post by Jason Malau » Sun, 31 Jul 1994 00:13:58

I would like to get Linux working on my Thinkpad 350 but when it boots
it cannot recognise the hard drive. I am using Slackware 2.0. Any ideas
would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Jason Malaure


1. linux on IBM ThinkPad 350

Hi all. I'm new of this newsgroup and maybe my question could
be an old question. Can I install Linux on the IBM ThinkPad 350?
I know that there are problems on some notebooks but I don't know
if my notebook is among these. Is a 120Mb HD enough for linux as
I need space for my DOS programs too?

Thanks in advance.



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