BusyBox can't open /etc/profile

BusyBox can't open /etc/profile

Post by Sa » Fri, 16 Aug 2002 08:32:57

Hi everyone

I am a 6-hour newbie! I've just installed the Red hat 7.3.
Installation was smooth and complete. Apparently, the network card is
the only thing which was not recognized.

After first boot, I received a message to configure the Network
Device. I tried but each time end to an error message. I skipped it.
Then it showed " Please press Enter to activate this console"
Pressing Enter, returned this:

"Couldn't open file /etc/profile'
BusyBox  v0.51 (2001.05.10-17:06+0000) Built-in shell (lash)
Enter help' .

I stuck to  /# , and commands like  startx  anb Xconfigurator return
error message. I have no access to GUI.

I use a boot manager and there are Win Me and 2000 on this HD.

Is there any problem in installation or in me?

Any help is appreciated.


1. Telnet login doesn't run /etc/profile or $HOME/.profile


A minor but irritating problem I'm having with my system (Linux-FT 1.1,
kernel 1.2.13, Pentium 90). When logging in from a remote machine by
telnet (e.g. MS-telnet in Windoze for workgroups), the telnet correctly
logs the user in, complete with starting the right shell etc, but doesn't
run /etc/profile or $HOME/.profile, so the paths, prompts and environment
variables don't get set correctly.

I'm a bit puzzled by telnet logins : they don't seem to be handled by a
getty, so I presume the telnet daemon is responsible for negotiating the
login. So, is this a problem with telnet daemon configuration, or a
compile option, or just not possible ? The telnet and telnetd man pages
are very sparse and don't say anything about this. I also couldn't find
anything in the NET-HOWTO or network configuration guide.

Any advice very gratefully received,


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