Does Linux support Future Domain SCSI 18xxx v3.5 BIOS ?

Does Linux support Future Domain SCSI 18xxx v3.5 BIOS ?

Post by Andrew Slo » Wed, 01 Mar 1995 13:19:59

I have done a number of experiments with the Yggdrasil 1.1.59 kernel and it appears
that the Future Domain 18xx with the v3.5 BIOS running on an ISA bus doesn't get
recognized on install. Unless I'm missing some trick. According to the bible the
Linux 1.0.9 and 1.1.6 doesn't  support the new SCSI chip or 3.4 BIOS. Now is there a
release that does cover both of these features ( my version being the v3.5 BIOS ) for
this SCSI Future Domain product.

Or is there someone out there who has experience working with this SCSI controller ?

-- andrew


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Hi all,

    I have a Future Domain TMC-1680 SCSI-2 controller with two SCSI drives.
I've been using Linux from my IDE drives, but would like to eventually
move to an all-SCSI system (using the mentioned controller).  The setup
(IDE+SCSI) works fine under DOS, but it seems ridiculous to have the SCSI
drives dedicated to DOS and NOT to Linux :-( .  Looking through the source,
I see that the BIOS version 3.5 is supported.  I have attempted to add an
entry for my BIOS (v3.6) in the signatures[] array (kernel 1.3.24), but the
controller seems to "time out" at boot-time (after it's recognized) and the
kernel halts (I'm glad I saved the old kernel and had it in my lilo.config!!).

     So, my question is:  Will the Future Domain BIOS version 3.6 be supported
in the near future?  One option I have is to get BIOS v3.5, but that seems
like a "bad solution".  I prefer to wait for v3.6 support as I can live with
my IDE drives for now....    Any comments/suggestions are appreciated!

                                          Thanks in advance,
                                            Dave Chavez

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