Kernel and ibcs SCO emulator

Kernel and ibcs SCO emulator

Post by D Parso » Wed, 18 May 1994 22:45:45

I want to run the SCO unix WordPerfect but I have a problem in getting the
ibcs emulator installed . I have Slackware 1.2.0 and the suplied
for the 'make config' of the kernel does not include the important
question "Do you wish to have iBCS emulation."  The 1.0 kernel package
from sunsite also has it missing from the The idea is that if
one answers "yes" the ibcs-940429.tar.gz patches will be incorparated
into the kernel to make it both Linux and SCO compatible. If one answers
"no" then a module is constructed in the ../linux/ibcs/ directory for
loading before running an SCO application. This cannot be setup because
of the omission from Has anyone worked around this? Don

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1. Anybody tryed SCO Wabi on Linux with iBCS emulator

I don't know about Wabi but you might want to check for TWIN, a cross platform development
kit that is also a windows emulator.

You will get access to both sources and linux (and other) binaries
for just registering, You will have to pay (a one-time fee) only if
you are going to deploy or sell something commercially.

BTW, it seems that even SCO, Sun and IBM might switch from
Wabi to Twin.


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