Xconfig problems with ATI Ultra+

Xconfig problems with ATI Ultra+

Post by Joel Webb » Wed, 10 Nov 1993 11:36:25

I have an ATI Graphics Ultra + adapter and am trying to configure it with
XFree 2.0 on the slackware distribution of Linux.  My monitor is a completely
plain vanilla VGA (640x480 - no frills, etc).  I had no problem with the ATI
XL24 I used to have, but I cannot get this monitor/card to work correctly.
I've tried every clock combination under the sun, but can never get even close
to a normal screen.
        If anyone has ANY idea of what I might try, please post, mail, carrier
pigeon, or whatever!  Also, could anyone explain to me how in the hell the
Clocks line works in Xconfig?  My understanding was that it picked one of the
frequencies from this line that matched a setting in the database at the
bottom.  Following this, it shouldn't matter what order, etc. the frequencies
in the clocks line were, but this is obviously not the case.  You can put
random numbers in there that don't even match any database entries and it will
affect the screen drastically!

Any help will be MUCH apprecieated!


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1. ATI MACH32 Graphics Ultra Problem and Xconfig

        I'm a new linux user, and I'm trying to get X to come up on
        my system.  I'm using the x8514new server instead of the
        Xfree86 one to get better performance.  Anyway, I tried using
        the Xconfig included in the tar file, and it sorta comes up in
        1024x768 mode.  The problem is that when I move an xterm to
        the right side of the screen, the whole screen in the band between
        the top and bottom of the xterm turns black.  I figure I've got
        some sort of Xconfig problem, and after poking around the
        news group, and re checking the faq's again, I tried some different
        frequency settings.  Unfortunately, the changes I made didn't affect

        Anyway, I'm running on a 486 DX with 8megs, an ATI graphics Ultra,
        an Orchestra 15" SVGA monitor, under the linux.99pl9 kernel, and
        the x8514new X server.  Any help is appreciated.  Sorry if I'm
        missing something obvious.


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