Can Linux be used with Bernoullis?

Can Linux be used with Bernoullis?

Post by Pat O'Ne » Wed, 06 Apr 1994 02:54:48

Hello all!

Can linux be twisted to boot off a bernoulli scsi drive?
I would like to see linux used more at my work, and we use
them all the time for classified stuff.  The ones we have
are scsi 1542's I think, anyone know what would be involved?

Anyone else out there interested in this?


Pat out.



1. Problem with networking - I am using RedHat 9 Linux kernel 2.4

Problem with networking - I am using RedHat 9 Linux kernel 2.4

I have the following environment:

A NetGADSL router IP address Attached to this is my Linux
server which is dual homed. One nic is attached to the ADSL router - this
is the eth0 interface, ip address This interface has the
NetGear router set as the default gateway address. The other nic - eth1 -
has an ip address of and this is attached to an 8 port switch.
Connected to the 8 port switch is another machine running Microsoft
Windows XP Professional with an ip address of It has a default
gateway set to be

I only have one static IP address. The NetGear router is set up for NAT.
The Linux server is also set up as being in the DMZ of the NetGear router.
This only has the effect of passing all requests to the Linux server and
not dropping them.

On the Linux server I have stopped the IPTABLES service so as not to
complicate matters further and I have enabled IP forwarding. I have also
enabled and configured the web proxy Squid.

My linux server can ping the ADSL hub on, it can ping the
machine and it can ping any valid address on the internet.

My XP machine - - can ping the server on either of its
interfaces and it can ping the ADSL hub - proof that the server is
forwarding IP packets. I can also browse the web from via the
Squid proxy.

However, I cannot ping any address on the internet.

I was wondering if I needed to implement IP Masquerading but thought that
the NAT on the NetGear hub should be sufficient.

Can anyone please shed any light on what I need to do to get the Windows
machine to be able to communicate to the internet via the server.

Thanks in advance

Graham Jones

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