Intel CL54342 & Xf2.0? Pentium

Intel CL54342 & Xf2.0? Pentium

Post by Thomas J Bil » Fri, 17 Jun 1994 08:06:14

Just wondered if there were any success stories when using X with the
Pentium P60 and the CL54342 video "board"/"chip" etc.

I guess it's a Cirrus Logic 5434 chip (if that helps).

64-bit BLT

On the same note... has anyone been working on developing a SCSI driver for
the on-board scsi controller?

Thanks in advance (a ton in advance)
Tom Bilan


1. xfig and XF2.1 (bug in XF2.1)

My system:

486 DX2/50
8 Meg
VESA 5248 Cirrus Logic gfx.
{Linux 1.0 or 99.pl14} with XF2.1

My Problem:

2.1 is great except that when I run XFig, the top of the screen becomes
corrupted by, apparently, xfig writing data all over it !
Since I am not running as root, I assume that it is a bug in 2.1 rather than
xfig, as xfig shouldn't be able to get past the MMU.

I haven't seen anything like that since I had an Amiga :-)
I'm running 2.0 now and everything is fine (if a touch slower).

C++ consultant and emacs support. Mail me if you have any problems.

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