Term 1.19 and linecheck problems

Term 1.19 and linecheck problems

Post by Terry Bra » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 14:02:05

Hi all,
I am having a hard time getting Term working.
I have linux 1.0.8, and Xfree86 2.0 working.

I can compile Term 1.19 remotely (on a Sun4)
and locally (a Gateway 486DX2, 16 Meg ram, 14.4K
US Robotics modem,) with no apparent problems.

I log into the remote machine with Seyon.

When I try to run linecheck,
(ie. "linecheck remote.log", and
"linecheck local.log < /dev/modem > /dev/modem"

the "remote.log" file looks as follows:

Handshaking sucessful
  0 sending char
  1 sending char
  2 sending char
  3 sending char
  4 sending char
  5 sending char
254 sending char
255 sending char


The "local.log" looks like:

unexpected packet: <17>C
unexpected packet: 11 A<11>B<17>C
unexpected packet: 12 A<12>B<17>C
unexpected packet: 29 A<29>B<17>C
unexpected packet: 30 A<30>B<17>C
unexpected packet: 31 A<31>B<17>C
unexpected packet: 32 A B<17>C
unexpected packet: 33 A!B<17>C
unexpected packet: 34 A"B<17>C
unexpected packet: 35 A#B<17>C
unexpected packet: 36 A$B<17>C
unexpected packet: 37 A%B<17>C
unexpected packet: 38 A&B<17>C
unexpected packet: 39 A'B<17>C
unexpected packet: 40 A(B<17>C
unexpected packet: 41 A)B<17>C
unexpected packet: 42 A*B<17>C


I've tried everthing in the README's and Term.HOWTO's.

I can start term locally and remotely.  Then, when I
try to "trsh" locally, the local "Term" looks like:

Term version: 1.18pl07
Reading file:  /root/.term/termrc

VERSION 11807 j:timed out at 82 trans 1
VERSION 11807 j:timed out at 77 trans 2A
VERSION 11807 j:timed out at 76 trans 3A
VERSION 11807 j:timed out at 71 trans 4A
VERSION 11807 j:timed out at 75 trans 5A
In front of the "VERSION"'s  and after the
"11807"'s are unreproduceable control characters.

This continues beyond a resonable amount of time.

I've tried Term1.18 and Term2.01 with almost identical
results.  Any suggestions????



1. Term shared mode is no go (1.19)

I have been completely unable to get term to work in shared mode.
Other people use my machine, so this is quite important for me to get
working.  Private mode works perfectly.  But every time I try to run
term in shared mode, I get:

[tim:~]$ kermit
Connecting to /dev/cua1, speed 9600.
The escape character is Ctrl-\ (ASCII 28, FS)
Type the escape character followed by C to get back,
or followed by ? to see other options.
[... log in ... ]
/home_3/tjrc1$ term
Term version: 1.18pl07
Using shared mode.
[... exit kermit ...]
[tim:~]$ term -v /dev/cua1 &
[2] 195
[tim:~]$ Term version: 1.18pl07
Using shared mode.

[tim:~]$ trsh
Term: Connect: Permission denied
Term: Failed to connect to socket /usr/local/lib/term/tmp/private/socket

This happens regardless of whether the remote end has TERMMODE 0 or 1
(1 in the above example, obviously).  Why the permission denied?  As
far as I can see, everything is right.. the binaries are sgid term,
and /usr/local/lib/term was created by make installshare, so
presumably should have the correct permissions.

Someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?


194, Vinery Rd, Cambridge, CB1 3DS, UK (+44) 223 572622

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