Gateway 2000 4SX/25 WD90C31 X problems

Gateway 2000 4SX/25 WD90C31 X problems

Post by Arnold Kasemsa » Mon, 21 Nov 1994 11:28:57

I am having a very difficult time configuring my Linux X 3.1 kernal to operate
on my Gateway 4sx/25.  It has an SVGA monitor, the CS1024 NI running off of
a WD90C31 accelerator chip.  

When running ConfigXF86, and selecting Generic SVGA and Gateway Monitor (41
and 19), the configuration program refuses to even find any display modes
valid for the setup.  When running configXF86- ... (the other configuration
program), the script seems to be completed well, until it runs X -setonly (I
think this is the default command), in which case, the monitor locks up and I
am forced to cold boot (after switching the monitor on and off) to revive the
system.  When X -setonly is not run, startX locks up the system in a similiar
way.  I am trying to run the X_SVGA server on this system.

Please help.

Arnold Kasemsarn


1. Gateway 2000 486sx/25 FS

 really nice computer!

It is 2 years old, clean and never 1 problem with it.  The price is $600.

it comes with :

8mb of Ram
15" GW CristalScan 1572 monitor
Ati Graphics Ultra w/ 1 MB VRAM
 DOS 5.0/WIn 3.1
 Stacker 3.0 (doubles your HD space to 650MB!)

 For an extra $75 I'll throw in MS OFFICE PROFESSIONAL
With the latest versions of WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT and ACCESS!

Ok, I know many may feel that a 486sx/25 is not fast enough
for them.  I say Hogwash!  The extra memory to 8 megs really boosted performance.  You'll be getting a great little machine.  I'll be glad to demo it
for you.

leave your name and message at 961-6444.



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