ibuild on linux (InterViews)

ibuild on linux (InterViews)

Post by Edwin Kn » Fri, 05 Nov 1993 22:23:33

I noticed that a number of people are experiencing difficulties
in attempting to execute the supplied version of
ibuild on their linux machines (much like myself).

Is there anyone who has the hd space to compile this
monster?  Or is there any place where a recompiled
executable may be available (via ftp or other means)?

Thanks very much for the help.

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1. InterViews build problem/IBUILD built anywhere?

I'm trying to build the InterViews distribution, but something is wrong
with the Makefile that I get out of xmkmf...I get an 'invalid separator'
message when I run make.

Probably something I screwed up in the X config and local site
definition files, as I've never done this before... so, my question is,
how do I know what to mess with and what *not* to mess with (which files
and fields) after I install Slacware 1.1.2 or later so that Imakefiles
will work on my machine? If it makes a difference, I use the Mach32
Xfree 2.0 server.

While I wait for help and/or inspiration, I'm looking for a binary of
the ibuild app from the InterViews 3.1 distribution (and I just overlaid
new libraries for libc and libg++).


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