Plain ASCII for ``Linux Installation and Getting Started'' v2.0

Plain ASCII for ``Linux Installation and Getting Started'' v2.0

Post by Matt Wel » Mon, 24 Jan 1994 03:28:31

There is now plain ASCII for v2.0 of the book ``Linux Installation and
Getting Started'', available from in the directory
/pub/Linux/docs/LDP/install-guide. The files are:
        install-guide-2.0.txt           plain ASCII
        install-guide-2.0.txt.gz        Gzipped plain ASCII

It is about 220 pages (66 lines per page).

This is made possible through Olaf Kirch's hard work on the ``LoTeX'' tool
for generating groff from LaTeX. However, it also required a good amount
of manual editing, and it's far from perfect. Nearly all of the information
is there, but it's rather ugly comptared to the PostScript and .dvi
versions. I strongly suggest that you either download the PostScript
for .dvi for the book, or order a printed copy from SSC. (Information
on which is in the install-guide-2.0.README file there on sunsite.)

This book is an installation and new-user guide to the Linux system.
It covers more or less everything that new Linux users need to know.
It is freely distributable under certain conditions, PLEASE see the
for details.

Also, the book is available via gopher from In fact,
you can use your gopher client to browse the plain ASCII. Volunteers
to generate WAIS sources and HTML (for World Wide Web) from the
document would be very welcome; please let me know if you're interested
in working on this.

Share and enjoy,