hard disk with 32 heads

hard disk with 32 heads

Post by Richard Casse » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 02:57:12

I am trying to install Linux on a 486dx2 66 with slackware 2.0.0.
using Linux 1.0.9.
while booting up from the installation disk i get the following
hd C: ST-506 interface disk with more then 16 heads detected probably
      due to non-standard sector translation. Giving up
     (disk 0:cyl=524,sect=63,head=32)
the disk is 540 megs and the BIOS sets it up using LBA
Linux is correctly reporting what my hard disk is and also
loads alright into a Ramdisk it Creates but when I run setup
it tells me to run fdisk to allocate an area on my disk for linux
but fdisk tells me it cannot read dev/hda
I assume this is because of the error message while booting up
I would be grateful if anyone can tell me if it is possible to
get round this restriction on the use of large hard disk or point me
to a site with a compiled version that overcomes this problem
thanks in anticpation
Richard Cassell BEM of Gomersal

1. Need boot disk for disk with 32 heads (1.1.49?)

Hmpf - it would seem all the bootimages I can find do NOT support
more that 16 heads. I seem to recall that the 1.1.49 kernel fixes
this - does anyone have a boot image of that kernel?

I am trying to do an initial install on my 540 meg disk with
heads=32,sec=63,cyl=512 (540 meg drive)

Can anyone help me? Just point me to an ftp location...

Thanks, Bob

Bob Oesterlin, IBM AS/400 Division       Dept 54T, Rochester MN 55901

Phone: (507)-253-4528 (tie) 553-4528     ICBMNet: 44N 92.5W


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