Term 1.08 Hangs/Fails

Term 1.08 Hangs/Fails

Post by Dean Jan » Wed, 17 Nov 1993 12:05:58

Ever since the term1.07 "bug" (date value) I have not been able to
get term to work at all...  Term1.08 compiles fine on both my linux
machine and the Dec that I run term on.  ( This setup worked fine with
all the previous term releases )

Now when I run term I get:

(Dec) % ./term
(Linux) % term < /dev/modem > /dev/modem &
(Dec) { Continued from the above line }

and so on...

Linux side just hangs.....

I've tried all the suggestions in the FAQ, ( escape chars, linecheck ( but
this will not run due reasons above ) , etc... )

Thanks for your time and help..



1. term 1.08 problem (modem hangs)

Hi, there:

    I just install successfully term 1.08 on my PC 386DX and on remote
sun workstation. Everything works very well except for one thing:

   It hangs there forever and I have to stop term locally to get every
opened window killed. (But the connection with remote is still there; I can
re-run the term without dialing again)

    Here is my modem: Practical Peripherals 14400.  I am using kermit on
my linux home.

    Here is what I saw:
modem tries to send signal to remote almost every 1 second, but receives
 nothing from the remote. This is observed at the front panel of modem,
 they are tx and rx lights. For normal operation, if I press a keystroke, the
 tx (send) blinks once, then rx blinks once(I guess that means: sends a
 signal to remtoe (tx) and gets an acknowledgement from the remote)

Can someone help me out ?


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