Linux and IBM PS/2s

Linux and IBM PS/2s

Post by George Uhlm » Sun, 01 Jan 1995 04:39:32

Most documentation I've come across regarding Linux says that it will not
work on a MicroChannel machine, such as an IBM PS/2. Does anyone know why
this is? Does this only affect certain functions in Linux, or does Linux
flat out refuse to run? As you might have guessed, I work in an environment
where there are many PS/2s. It would be nice to be able to load Linux on
one of them. Thanks in advance for the info.

1. FreeBSD & MCA arch. IBM PS/2s

I see on that FreeBSD does not work with IBM PS/2s.  I
know that Linux needs some patches to work on such a machine - do patches
exist for FreeBSD?

If not, what would be required to get FreeBSD to work with MCA?  The
machine in question is a '386SLC-20 with SCSI and a tolken ring network

Also, is there much interest in MCA patches?  The '386 isn't much to look
at, but there are quite a large number of '486 and Pentium PS/2s with the
MCA bus that would work great with FreeBSD.

Phil Brutsche

"Be of stout heart, Number One.  We've handled the Borg.  We can
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