NEC CDR501 4x (Quad)

NEC CDR501 4x (Quad)

Post by Aarif Rash » Wed, 18 Jan 1995 16:14:07

Hi all,

Has anyone had any problems installing YGGDRASIL/Fall 1994 Rev C using an
NEC 4x (CDR501).  Specifically, a "BUS TIMEOUT" error.




1. nec 260 4x cdrom-1.3.4x kernels

I've just installed kernel 1.3.45 and 1.3.49 and my nec 260 4x cdrom
does not seem to be detected under either.  I was previously running
kernel 1.3.30 and everything worked fine.  (Yes I configured the make to
include support for ide/atapi cdroms).  I know these are developement
kernels but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas.  The memory management in
the 1.3.4x kernels seems much better than in the older versions.  This
is a pretty standard cdrom drive so I'm pretty sure it should be supported.
When I boot I get unknown cdrom format.....
The cdrom is not listed under /proc/devices
when i attempt to mount I get /dev/hdc or cdrom is not a valid
block device.

If you need any more info e-mail me or post, I'm a frequent reader.

Everything else works fine.
Oh, yeah I'm using the elf (slackware 3.0) distribution.

Thanks for your time,
Chuck Fleming

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