Software to run a listserver

Software to run a listserver

Post by isp » Sun, 05 Jun 1994 02:08:44

        We are considering running a listserver off a Linux

        Has anyone ever done this sort of thing on Linux.
What software do we need?

        There is a chance we could expand this to also
provide a Gopher and WWW server.

        What are your comments and suggestions?


1. listserver software


: The Barbarian wrote in a message to All:

:  TB> I'm looking for listerver software that will run under
:  TB> Linux.  It has to take  incomming mail and depending on the
:  TB> title of the message, send certain  messages back to the
:  TB> sender.  Also, it must be able to forward certain  messages
:  TB> to another address and also be able to put certain messages
:  TB> in  folders depending on the sender.  If anyone knows any
:  TB> good software and where  to get it, let me know.  If it's an
:  TB> ftp sight let me know with the password  and login name.
:  TB> Thanks.

: The sendmail aliases file does..

We wrote some software that will return a file to the user based upon the
address that they send to - all MX entries on the same box.  Send to

ask for a copy of the software.

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