Can power-off call shutdown ?

Can power-off call shutdown ?

Post by Jeremy Gat » Thu, 24 Mar 1994 10:23:23

I have an IBM PS1. When I press the power button, the rapid-resume feature
can intercept this, save the workspace environment (by simply backing up the
windows swap file) then do a hard power off, all automatically.

My question is can I get Linux to do this with shutdown, so that file
systems are clean when I press power off. Yeah I know, I can do this
by going CTRL-ALT-DELETE or halt then pressing power off,
but you have to wait for the disks to sync and it is a pain.

Any ideas ?


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I  am using  an SMP  machine  (Tyan 1836  dual uprocessors).  Previous
versions of  RH allowed me  to power-off the machine  during shutdown,
but  I  am  not  able  to  shutoff the  power  using  RH  7.2.   Tried
recompiling the kernel,  etc.  Has anyone gotten power-off  to work on
an SMP?  I would love some suggestions.




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