Need help w/ PC Logic modem

Need help w/ PC Logic modem

Post by Dan Maj » Sat, 03 Sep 1994 05:45:07

 recently bought a PC Logic modem. What's different about this
modem is that it doesn't use the "normal" modulate-demodulate
scheme found in most modems. Instead, it uses a programmable
digital signal processor. It works GREAT in DOS - was able to
sense busy signals that other modems don't seem to hear. The
problem is that in DOS, before the modem is used, it has to be
loaded with the DSP software that programs it as a modem. Real
easy to do in DOS. Does anyone else have one of these? Other
than DOSEMU, how can I load the config. software? Thanks in

1. PC Logic Modem and Mgetty

Has anybody compiled mgetty for a hayes compatible modem? It just
doesn't seem to want to finish compiling for me. This on top of the
fact that I am not sure if I have changed too much or too little. :-(

If somebody could send me either a static version of the program
compiled for a hayes compatible modem, Or even the source file or
files that you modified to get the thing to work I would greatly
appreciate it.

Thank you for your time


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