I meant UltraStor 14N.. (anyone using it?)

I meant UltraStor 14N.. (anyone using it?)

Post by Jonathan Cla » Thu, 10 Mar 1994 16:53:00

  I would like to know if anyone has gotten the UltraStor 14N to work
with linux?  if so what kinda setup do you use?

                     Thanks many times,


1. ULTRASTOR SCSI 14N Problems

I am having quite a bit of trouble getting Linux to recognize my
ULTRASTOR 14N SCSI controller.  Note that this is not a misprint, I
have found information regarding other ULTRASTOR controllers such as
the 14F, but I cannot any mention of the FAQ or help files.  I have
tried many, many combinations of IRQ, IO, BIOS and nothing seems to

Has anyone ever gotten this controller to work with Linux?  How?

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