SCSI bootdisk won't recognize SCSI drive.

SCSI bootdisk won't recognize SCSI drive.

Post by voorh.. » Sun, 12 Jun 1994 08:44:34

I have a 486DX66 notebook and docking station.  The system is assembled
by Ultinet in Toronto, but it's a popular Asian import usually identified
as a `65xx' notebook.  The same thing (I think...) is advertised in the
back of Byte by Micro-International Inc.

The docking station contains a 1gig Micropolis SCSI hard drive.  
The SCSI controller is an Adaptec 6360 integrated into the docking station.

The Slackware SCSI boot diskette appears to recognize the controller,
but does not recognize the drive, i.e., the 'Partitions:' list shows
only the IDE drive in the notebook, not the SCSI drive.  Also, the
`scsi:' boot information claims `0 Drives'.  However, under DOS the
drive works fine.

Any hints?



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Hi All! - I have added an Adaptec 2940AU and a
Sony SDT-9000 to a Dell 450MHz system running RH
5.2. After adding "alias scsi_hostadapter
aic7xxx" in /etc/conf.modules, the card and tape
are recognised. I have done no other
reconfiguration. Now, an "mt -f /dev/st0 status"
comes back saying "SCSI 2 tape drive... BOT
DR_OPEN IM_REP_EN" (abbreviated) which I think
indicates no tape in the drive, whether or not
this is actually so. Any other mt operation
causes some tape activity but fails and
returns "Input/output error" (except offline,
which sometimes works). The hardware works
perfectly under Win98 booted on the same machine,
so I doubt it is the dreaded termination issue.
Anyone any idea of what is wrong, or what tools
might be available for diagnosis? Thanks to all,

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