XFree86 / Linux almost there! yowza

XFree86 / Linux almost there! yowza

Post by Carlos Domingu » Sun, 04 Sep 1994 14:10:59

Thanks to a diamond clock setter on sunsite.unc.edu, and picking
the generic VESA monitor settings in Xconfig86, I have X coming
up at 800x600.. The only problem is that when I move the mouse around,
or move windows around, I get little trails of "pixels" left behind,
kinda like "virtual sand swirls" on my screen.

If I repaint the screen, it clears up. Any ideas?

I still cant get XConfig to "fiddle" my settings. *sigh*
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1. CONTEST !! : Almost LINUX in almost 2Mb

------ CONTEST,  WIN A HOLOGRAM -------

For real cracks here comes a real challenge...

I'm trying to setup Linux in a 386 with 2 Mbytes of memory. I have a
distribution of slackware on my HDD that works on a 4Mb machine.

Booting from harddisk didn't work, Probably the generic kernel is too
big. So I made a new bootdisk with a newly compiled kernel.

Booting now succeeds until the login prompt. Except for the fsck.
Fsck quits because it's not able to allocate memory for a inode table.

After logging in, I can run most built in shell commands. But external
commands - which are executed by fork - gave the error :

"bash:fork:Try Again"

Here are a few data and figures:
AMIBIOS 1990 (Colorized BIOS SetupScreen)
AMD 386dx 40,
64kB cache,
2 MB main memory
including 384 kB shadow Ram.
Kernelsize: 502 kB (expanded)
Linux reports:
  "1020kB (free) 2048kB (total) 502kB(kernelsize) 384kB (reserved)
140kB (data)"

Switching between shadow ram on and off doesn't seem to matter. In
both cases the linux boot screen shows 384 kB reserved Ram.

- What is the configuration for the smallest kernel (e.g. Can I leave
out the networking code (like TCP/IP etc.))
- Is there a CMOS-setting which really disables Shadow Ram?
- Is the shadowram the cause of memory problems?

The most succesfull contribution which leads to running linux on this
machine, wins a reflection full color rainbow HOLOGRAM (12 cm x 9 cm).

- THIS IS NO JOKE,  you'll get it -

Geert-Jan Plattl

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