segmentation faults during installation

segmentation faults during installation

Post by Ghene Faulc » Wed, 09 Nov 1994 06:32:18

I am trying to install linux on a 486-33. Everything on my computer is basically
standard except that I am using an ESDI hard drive with more than 1024 cylinders
I have been told that ESDI shouldn't be a problem, as well as >1024 cyls should
not be a problem if I have my boot partition below 1024 cyls.

Every time I try to install Linux, at some point (not always the same point)
I get a "segmentation fault" message and I am returned to the # prompt.

What's wrong, and what can I do about it?



1. Segmentation fault during Installation

Last night I tried to install Linux on a computer with a 386DX AMD
processor (8 MB)  for a friend of mine.

The installation disks we used came from the infomagic CD-pack,
dec 94. We tried to install the slackware release (kernel 1.1.5?)

After booting with the boot and rootdisk and making partions for
Linux, we used 'setup' to install Linux. But while running setup,
the system crashes with a segmentation fault. Sometimes right after
typing setup, sometimes after installing the first disk. After this
segmentation fault, the setup program can't be run anymore. We
had to reboot the computer to try it again, with the same result.
I tried to install with and without a swapdisk, it made no difference.
May be there is something wrong in the BIOS? Or is this a software

Is there anyone out there who can help?
ANY help would be appreciated


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