Konqueror broken : (

Konqueror broken : (

Post by Chris » Wed, 14 Aug 2002 18:13:25

I'm loosing faith fast!

I did an online update of SuSE 8.0 and it didn't fix the KDE problem I
wanted it to!
But Konqueror now will not browse;

An error occurred while loading ....

Unknown host ....

Meanwhile back at the K Menu it does not show the correct entries! K Menu
Editor shows what it should in the tree view but this does not tally with
the actual menu!

Menu Editor is showing a combination of
home/chris/.kde/share/applnk AND opt/kde3/share/applnk.

THE menu is made up of etc/opt/kde3/share/applnk only.

Any help on Konqueror or KDE Menu?



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When I try to drag-and-drop a file from my directory to a floppy in
konqueror my computer fully locks up and I have to use the dreaded
"left-alt-r" thru "b" to reboot.  None of those key sequences actually
seems to do anything except the reboot.  But copying in the console works
fine.  The copy seems to fail at the start of the transfer.
I have tryed running under different user names and root with the same
results.  I tryed to reinstall the kdebase rpm and no change.  This was a
new install of 8.2 and then copying my old directories into my account
after installing.
Would uninstalling all of kde do any good?  It is the only thing else I can
think of.

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