Mounting floppy drive for different types of filesystems

1. Mounting floppies with different filesystems on same device

I am running Redhat 4.something and have set up /etc/fstab to let users
mount vfat
floppies in the single floppy disk drive /dev/fd0. I would like to allow
ext2 floppies to be
mounted as well, and attempted to add a line to /etc/fstab with device
/dev/fd0 and mount
point /mnt/linuxflop (as opposed to /mnt/floppy for vfats in order to
let users execute the
command "mount /mnt/linuxflop"). However the /etc/fstab editor will not
let me do this. I
could edit /etc/fstab manually, but don't want to do this as there may
be some good
reason why it's not allowing me to do this (what if a user typed "mount
/dev/fd0"? But it
could just use the first line it came to or something). Any advice?

Jeremy Douglas

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