A good video card, VLB, and other Linux purchases...

A good video card, VLB, and other Linux purchases...

Post by Damian Fra » Sat, 30 Apr 1994 12:14:48

I've been running Linux for a while, and really like it, but I want a better
system for it.

Right now, I have an old (!) 486DX-50, an old 32k et4000 card, and a low end
ide controller with a couple of high end and mostly irreplacable ide drives.
Oh yeah, and I've got 8 megs of simms, 70 NS I believe.

What I'd LIKE to do is get a new 50mHz VLB motherboard and throw my current
processor into it, as well as the ram and drives.  I'd also like to get a
new video card and controller for the drives.

My problems are these...

First, is VLB worth it, and if so, can anyone recommend a nice VLB
motherboard from somewhere?  (This really isn't a problem;  I can read.  I
REALLy want to know if it's worth it, esp. for 50 mHz..)

Second, can anyone recommend a nice, fast VLB svga card that runs nicely
under svgalib and xfree86?  (this one's important.  Gotta be at least
hicolor.  Windows drivers are strictly optional.  :>)

Third, I need a hard drive controller.  Is it worth it to get a VLB IDE
controller, non-caching?  Whether or not, I've already got cool i/o
separate.  Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced IDE controller (VLB,
probably) that either has NO I/O or on which it can be disabled?  (Floppies,
while not often used, are necessary, I guess).


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