linux & Windows Nt (Lilo)

linux & Windows Nt (Lilo)

Post by Bassi » Mon, 27 Oct 1997 03:00:00


i've got a problem....
i'm running linux, windows 95 & windows NT on the same machine (different
partitions), but now I want to delete linux from my machine, i'm a bit
worried with just formatting the linux partition because when I restart my
machine it reboots with Lilo (under linux) and then it goes to nt or 95.
How can I disable lilo and immediately start NT/95 and then format my linux


Koen Wijnstok

ps.: pls reply to mail adress below too.


1. HELP needed to remove LILO & install Windows NT

I hope someone can help me on this one.

I've been trying to install Windows NT, and re-formatted my disk
containing Linux to do so.

Unfortunately, this didn't remove LILO - I think it may be residing in
the boot partition of my other, DOS hard-disk.

Now, whenever I try to run WINNT to set up my system, it boots with
the usual 'LILO loading DOS', then NT tells me that there is a problem
with my disks.

I think that the actual problem is due to the fact that both of my
hard-disks are set up as normal addressing in the CMOS, but NT
required them to be LBA.  However, whenever I try to change the
settings and re-boot, LILO hangs after 'LI', and I can't do anything

I've tried booting Linux using new bootdisk and rootdisk floppies
which I made, but when loading the rootdisk (color144) I get the
following error message:

I have tried copying the file to 2 different floppies, in case of a
disk error, and have also copied the original from 2 different

I have also tried running fdisk /MBR from DOS, but this makes no

Does anyone have any idea how I can remove LILO and/or why I am unable
to load Linux from my 2 floppies?


               or compuserve 100046,2413, if you don't mind waiting
               a couple of months for me to read your message.

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