Slack 0.99.15: /bin/sh using incompatible library???

Slack 0.99.15: /bin/sh using incompatible library???

Post by Joseph Goo » Sun, 27 Mar 1994 02:29:46

I get this message all the time:

        /bin/sh using incompatible library
                Desire minor version >=519 found 508

Then it rattles off some libc.4.something_or_another

This is usually during boot-up, and it scrolls by too quickly for me to
see it all.

I just downloaded 40 megs of stuff from a board, and all the files were
dated 2/1/94...  I assumed that they were all compatible.

Do I need new files from somewhere?  IF so, where do I get them?



Joseph Good
Programmer / Technical Manager
Sanderson Data Systems

PS - don't let the title fool ya.  I program for PC's and I don't have a
     clue about being the admin on a Unix system.  I've been a unix user
     up til now...  ;)  I'm young.. still learning.. so be patient with me.


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I Re-compiled the kernel, A1.

(This is too easy, thought I!)

I did a make clean ; make in ftape dir, and it tols me there was no such file
or directory as delete_module, and _ftape_big_buffer and _do_floppy were

Read instruction (Ha, help).

Checked the kernel/ksyms.S file, it contains references to the undefined
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What is going on?


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