Kernel upgrade to 1.1.9x !!!HELP

Kernel upgrade to 1.1.9x !!!HELP

Post by ftps.. » Sat, 04 Mar 1995 06:08:45

I have found about 500 documents telling you how to upgrade your kernel, but
none tell me where to find one.  Can someone e-mail the site and directories
they are in.

Secondly, I am having trouble with my Promise EIDE 2300+ controller.  The
computer boots and when the Promise bios message prints up it just hangs and
never asks me for the speed.  Any suggestions?

please e-mail, since news has been crashing here a lot lately.

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1. 1.1.8x, 1.1.9x SMTP Problem

This is for you kernel developers ... I'm running on a 486/66, IDE disk
and Adaptec 1542cf for CD-ROM, kernel with PPP, SLIP, & on Ethernet.
With kernels up to 1.1.88, all is well ... but with 1.1.89 and later,
when I boot up, I get the following errors when sendmail tries to start:

Feb 24 13:11:53 spc280 sendmail[349]: problem creating SMTP socket
Feb 24 13:11:58 spc280 sendmail[349]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): getrequests:
                       cannot bind: Address already in use

I have tried Berkeley Sendmail 8.6.9 and 8.6.10.

Is this a known problem?

Thanks in advance,
Bill Heiser

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