BOCA 2016 problem with 1.1.94 (didn't happen with 1.1.41)

BOCA 2016 problem with 1.1.94 (didn't happen with 1.1.41)

Post by David Dyer-Benn » Sat, 04 Mar 1995 10:25:27

I built a 1.1.94 kernel finally last weekend.  Things seemed to work
fine.  I recently discovered, however, that dialin things ran very
slowly (on a system with load average less than .2).  I presume this
is somehow associated with the configuration of the serial driver for
my BOCA 2016 serial board, since that's what the modem lines come in
via.  (The problem went away again when I dropped back to 1.1.41, so
it's definitely something in my new kernel.)

I verified what I changed to make it work under 1.1.41, which was
simply changing the BOCA_FLAGS define in serial.c.  I've applied that
patch to my 1.1.94.

Any bright ideas out there?
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I had been on a long string of kernels which mounted my CDU31A at boot-time
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I only wanted to call attention to this.

Respectfully (and looking forward to patch 42),

Vincent Fatica
Syracuse University Math

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