Partitions lost, please help recover them

Partitions lost, please help recover them

Post by Mikael Nasbe » Sun, 14 Aug 1994 07:48:53

I recently bought an 1GB SCSI-disk, and until now I have only used
it for Linux, but when I wanted to delete one of the 3 partitions
using Adaptec's AFDISK (I have an Adaptec 1542C), and change it
into an MS-DOS partition, then I lost the other 2 as well.

Is there any way in which I can recover the 2 lost partitions and
get back the information that should still be there? I am pretty
sure that only the partition table has been destroyed, so if anybody
knows a way to reconstruct it, I would be very happy.

I had a lot of archived files on the lost partitions, that were
only partially backed up.

Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly how the disk was partitioned,
only that the first partition was between cylinder 0 and 299 (300 MB).
The second started at cylinder 300 and was approximately 340 MB and
the third ended at cylinder 1032 and was approximately 390 MB.

Mikael Nasberg


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Does anyone know any disk utils (shareware/freeware) which can restore my
lost partition (fat32). ?

I've tried Revival (,  but it didn't
recover my lost partition, and I've tried Tiramisu (, which
to be able to recover my disk, but I must pay $218 in reg. fee (!!!), if I
want to write the lost partition to a disk.

Thank you in advance!

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