I get no coredump from LINUX

I get no coredump from LINUX

Post by Ken Yat-Wan Ch » Mon, 10 Jan 1994 04:31:50

Hi, I got perhaps an elementary problem with my Linux system.

When A Segv occurs, I don't get any coredump. Is there a command in
UNIX that I need in order to force a core dump wheever a SEGV or
SBUS ..etc occurs?   I thought UNIX always generate a core dump when
a SEGV occurs?

Someone told me that there is a command called "ulimit -c 0" whihc
would prohibit a coredump to be created, however I could not
find out anything about this command. I thought "ulimit" is actually
a function call.

if anyone has any ideas, please send me n email at:

Ken Chan


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thank you!

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