dip - no lock files

dip - no lock files

Post by Judith Meeh » Sun, 23 Jan 1994 17:27:25

I have DIP 3.3.4 and mgetty+sendfax.  I have them both set up to use ttyS1 for
communications.  The problem I have is that DIP doesn't create lock files in
/usr/spool/uucp, which is where mgetty looks for them.  It then tries to
initialize/reset the modem in the middle of a SLIP connection, which causes
big problems.  Does DIP create lock files?  If so, where does it put them?  If
not, how can I get around this problem?


* Jim Bob


1. DIP problem: DIP creates bad lock file

It appears DIP 3.3.7 has a bug.  It creates a lock file in
/var/spool/uucp that has the wrong PID.  It should be the
PID of 'dip' but instead it puts a PID usually 1 less
than the dip PID.


dip PID = 7146
LCK..cua0 contains 7145

This will cause uucico to delete the lock file thinking it
is stale.   Then uucico can come in and interfere with the
SLIP connection.
To make things worse, uugetty would then try to reinitialize
the line after uucico finished ;-(

Is this fixed on a newer version of DIP ?

Software: Slackware 1.2, DIP 3.3.7, uugetty


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