THANKS -- Slackware Install Problems

THANKS -- Slackware Install Problems

Post by EVAN NOYNAE » Fri, 20 May 1994 06:59:39

Thanks to everyone who contacted me about my SLACKWARE install problems.

I received several responses to my question about problems installing
the SLACKWARE distribution.  I also received messages from several people
who said they had the same type of problems.

The culprit seems to be having only 4 meg of RAM.  Does anyone know of a
workaround for this?  Could I temporarily rob 4 meg from another machine,
install LINUX (or at least the swap partition), and then return the 4 meg
from whence it came?

I realize that in the long run I'm going to need more memory.  Right now I
just want to demonstrate that the system would be useful so that I can
shake some additional $$$$ from our administration.

Again, thanks to the net for your help.

Evan Noynaert, Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics

Missouri Western State College
St. Joseph, Missouri, USA 64507


1. ELF Install Problem, Thanks.

I just installed my first ELF on a backup box (to be sure!) and
get this error when I run gcc -v:

toaster[\54]/root> gcc -v    
/usr/bin/gcc: /usr/bin/gcc: cannot execute binary file

It this because I did not *first* rebuild the kernel with
ELF support (stupid me)?



| Tim Bass                           | #include<campfire.h>                |
| Principal Network Systems Engineer |       for(beer=100;beer>1;beer++){  |
| The Silk Road Group, Ltd.          |           take_one_down();          |
|                                    |           pass_it_around();         |
|           |       }                             |
|                                    |  back_to_work(); /*never reached */ |

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