Red Hat 8.0 installation crashes at the very beginning - Sony VAIO PCG-GRV516G, laptop, psyche

Red Hat 8.0 installation crashes at the very beginning - Sony VAIO PCG-GRV516G, laptop, psyche

Post by bpmitt » Mon, 31 Mar 2003 04:18:07

> > The linux-sony mailing list carries this kind of information; you can visit
> > an archive at to download
> > and search the archive. You may need to experiment with passing some kernel
> > boot parameters, possibly related to the Vaio's ACPI implementation,
> > although I'm going way out on a limb there. Good luck to you.

> Thanks a lot Paul, I'm going there at once! If I find a solution I will
> post it here.
> cheers,

> Maurizio Colucci
> Please remove the uppercase letters "S,P,A,M":

I am having a same problem in installing PCQ Linux based on RedHat 8.0.
After all the steps it starts to install linux but at the last
when it its at hundred percent then it says this error...

Anaconda 74 -> Genome Canvas Critical.
:assertion 'path != NULL' failed
install exited abnormally

and after this error the system automatically restarts.

the system is ok because it installs redhat 7.1 & 7.3.
the cds are ok too as i have used another cds.

Please help me...


1. HELP: cannot install Mandrake 8.0 on Sony Vaio PCG-FX120 laptop

Help - I'm having trouble getting Linux Mandrake 8.0 up and running on this

Sony Vaio PCG-FX120 Laptop
Intel 815em chipset
Pentium III 700Mhz (SpeedStep)
20 GB Fujitsu hard drive
6x Toshiba DVD-ROM
13.3" SVGA (1024x768) LCD, Intel 815em integrated AGP 2D/3D accelerator
Ricoh RL5C476 CardBus/PCMCIA controller
Intel 815em Integrated 10/100 Ethernet (82557 compatible)
Alps GlidePoint touchpad

I am trying to install Linux Mandrake 8.0 (Traktopel).  This is the final

Using the standard (graphical) installer, everything goes well until the
"Detecting PCMCIA" phase, at which point the system totally freezes up --
no response to keyboard, mouse, etc.

I booted the installer in text (expert) mode, to see more of what is going
on, and I discovered that the PCMCIA probe was in fact causing a kernel

I believe I can get the installation going if I disable PCMCIA detection
during the installer.  Unfortunately I can't find a way to do this!  Even
the "expert" mode won't let me turn off PCMCIA auto-detection!  (It lets me
tune and/or disable just about everything else tho!)

Now, I *was* able to get RedHat 7.1 up and running on this machine (even
the PCMCIA detection worked perfectly!), but I would much rather run Mandrake,
because quite frankly, I like it better than DeadHat.

Can anyone offer some help?  Words of wisdom?  A prayer or two?  Money?
(hey, I had to try!)  You will not only earn my undying gratitude, but you'll
also earn my SO's undying gratitude for putting my mind at ease!!!  (this
has been driving me NUTS this week)

Please reply.  Thanks!

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