Print Screen Key sends a quit signal, how is this disabled

Print Screen Key sends a quit signal, how is this disabled

Post by Jerry Ge » Sat, 04 Jun 1994 12:14:25

Subject says it all... The Print SCreen key on my system is sending
a quit signal of some kind (screen prints quit and program exits)
what needs to be done to disable this?

Thanks for the info...

NOTE: I did not see this in any FAQ.

PLease email directly to me.


1. Disabling key repeat on selected keys

I'm trying to configure my XFree86-3.1.2E-Mach64 X server to disable
key repeat on all the function keys.  Unfortunately, the command:
xset -r 67
doesn't seem to work.  I think it should disable key repeat on key
F1.  Is this a known problem with XFree86, is it specific to the
Mach64 server, or running on Linux 1.2.13?  I didn't see anything
about this in the XFree86 FAQ.

The command:
xset r off
does work, but doesn't do what I want.



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