upgrading to a newer kernel

upgrading to a newer kernel

Post by Christoph Kukuli » Mon, 23 Jan 1995 00:00:41

I installed Linux (Yggdrasil Summer 94 edition) after getting around
lots of quirks I had with that CD. Many errors during adding packages.
(The standard installation was broken somehow - I installed a custom
30 MB miniumum installation ).

Anyway, now it is running and I want to run a newer kernel
since my new motherboard is a PCI board (I don't have any PCI device
though) and it has IDE and SCSI (ncr) on board.

Unfortunately the kernel that came with the YGGDRASIL CD panics - it
cannot find any SCSI hosts. I also have an ATAPI IDE FX400 CDROM drive
which I hope Linux has a driver for.

Since I'm only a casual Linux user (as you may see from my .sig) I'm
looking for a painless way to

1)  ftp a kernel from somewhere (boot floppy)

2)  create a boot disk from that

3)  boot that disk, mount /dev/sda3 and put the kernel on it

4)  boot hard disk.

Can anyone help me with the above? Thank you.

Please answer via email since I don't read news too often.

FreeBSD blues 2.1.0-Development FreeBSD 2.1.0-Development #1:


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