Future Domain SCSI Problems

Future Domain SCSI Problems

Post by Antony J H Barra » Tue, 07 Mar 1995 05:10:21

I have a Future Domain TMC1670 card and have recently upgraded from BIOS
version 3.0 to version 3.5. When trying to install Linux 1.0.59, the bootdisk
does not recognize the hardware. I assume that since I am trying to install
a version of Linux released before the BIOS and as a result the software
cannot detect it.

I have no problems if I replace the BIOS chip with the older 3.0 chip but this
is pretty useless because I plan to run DOS on another partition and the
CD-ROM drivers I use are designed to run with the 3.5 BIOS.

Can somebody please mail me if they know of a more up to date bootdisk which
incorporates these changes or alternatively tell me where I can get a patch


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1. Future Domain SCSI Problem

I am trying to install Linux on a Pentium/60 that has
a Future Domain TMC-3260 PCI SCSI controller card.  The board
uses FD's TMC-36C70 on it.  When I try to load Slackware using
the SCSI boot disk, I get the following error:

scsi0 <fdomain>: BIOS version 3.4 at 0xc8000 using scsi id 7
scsi0 <fdomain>: TMC-18C30 chip at 0xf8000 irq <none> (PCI bus)
Kernel panic: fdomain *NO* interrupt level selected.

Does anyone know why this error occurs?  Looks like the boot disk is
trying to find a TMC-18C30 instead of a TMC-36C70.  Has anyone
successfully loaded from a SCSI CD-ROM using this SCSI controller?
If so, please help!!!

Thanks in advance!

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