HUGE fonts and buttons in some programs

HUGE fonts and buttons in some programs

Post by orubin.c » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 03:58:07

Here's a bit of weirdness that I've encountered in some programs in
KDE. Some apps have HUGE fonts in both regular text and pulldown
menus; huge buttons, and corrupt interfaces, rendering them unusable.
Here are some pictures:

The pictures are mostly of KHelpCenter which shows the large fonts,
but I've also included snaps of Opera and FileRunner to give an idea
of what the problem is with the buttons and interfaces.

Any ideas of what might be causing this? Corrupt QT libs?

My system info:

Athlon XP 2000+ running RedHat 9, kernel 2.4.20-8
KDE 3.1-11
512 megs RAM
GeForce 2 MX 32 meg video card

Any and all help is appreciated.

Brian Deuel
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1. Macs: 1 button, Windows: 2 buttons, Unix: 104 buttons

I just found out from reading my previous thread that my Mac OS X is
basically Unix. That means Steve Jobs figured out how to do practically
every computer operation with one mouse button.  Genuis.

Bill Gates figured out how to do practically every computer operation
with two mouse buttons.  Smart.

Bill Joy needs at least 104 buttons to do practically every computer
operation.  Dumb.

My friend tells me Unix is great and that "everything is a file."  Unix
may be great, I certainly wouldn't mind running 100 processors to make
the internet go faster.  Yet everything is not a file.  Sometimes it is
a Quicktime Movie.  Or a pdf document.  Or a program.  See my point?

Now if I wanted to, I could buy a two button mouse (or more) for my
Mac.  Yet I don't have to and don't need to.  I could use 104 buttons
on my keyboard and type in commands.  Yet I don't have to.

In Unix you have NO CHOICE.  You must learn hundreds of commands,
thousands of command line switches and how to tie them together.

Elitism means that less people can benefit from Unix.  That means you
either have:
1.  A few elite users and expensive hardware and software
2:  Limited resources to remain competitive.

What I've found is that Unix suffers from both 1 and 2 at the same
time.  Why suffer?  Why not get a good install program that works, one
or two mouse buttons and a user interface that is actually good!?

 If you can make a kernel run 1,000 processors and DTrace every
possible thing, why can't you make a simple to use, clean, modern and
appealing desktop with only 1 or 2 mouse buttons?  Elitism is the
reason, and it is time to cure that problem.

Why does JAVA look and work like a native application under OS X?  In
OS X Java applications look beautiful, which is the only OS you can say
that about!  Why couldn't SUN do it?  Elitism.  Spend 400,000,000
dollars on that problem and market share will rise like the Sun!

A good designer looks good physically.  They are dressed stylishly.
They know form and function do matter.  Would you buy a ratty ugly boxy
car?  No.  Why buy a computer that way?

When you have a decent market share with a good desktop, you will have
time and cash from increased sales to small companies, home users etc
to put all the cool things under the hood like Steve Jobs did in OS X.

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