LAN vs. linux

LAN vs. linux

Post by Serge Iouri » Fri, 27 May 1994 23:52:05

Quote:> Hi!
> I've just installed linux on my computer but I have some problems with
> connecting it to lan which runs novell software.
> Could anybody tell me if there is:
> LINUX EQUIVALENT of IPXPKT (which will wrap up a tcp/ip packet with Novell
> stuff that gets stripped off at the server).

> Regards,
> s.i.

: You need to tell us more about how you want to connect your Linux box to the
: Netware LAN.  I can only guess a couple of scenarios:

:   1. Trying to access other Unix/Linux hosts over Novell LAN
:           You probably need to configure the Netware server to route TCP/IP.
:         It's fairly easy to do. Then any IP traffic can be routed to other segments on
:         your LAN through the server.

Yes, this is what I am trying to do. Unfortunately it seems that our network
superviser is not quite competent with this sort of things. So I would like
to find out what exactly should be loaded on the Netware server to support
TCP/IP. At the moment we can use telnet on our dos machines if  ipx and
ipxpkt are loaded, so I understand that our server has some ability to route
tcp packets, but if I load ne2000 packet driver with
pktipx at a dos machine, telnet does not work. And it does not work on
linux either.

Any suggestions?