Yggdrasil summer '94 & Mitsumi FX001D CD-ROM

Yggdrasil summer '94 & Mitsumi FX001D CD-ROM

Post by Carl Tashi » Fri, 12 Aug 1994 06:01:37

I can't get the Yggdrasil summer '94 boot disk to find my internal Mitsumi
FX001D. I have tried with both IRQ 10 and 11 for the CD-ROM with the same
results..the I/O address is 300h, which is what it's supposed to be for Mitsumi

I have a brand new Zeos Pantera 486DX2 66..with PCI bus, flash BIOS, etc.
(and, unfortunately, a Diamond video card.. but I'll deal with that once
I can actually get Linux installed :)

For the summer '94 revision A disk that came with the CD, I got a nice "Unable
to mount root" message.. but as far as I know I have a supported CD-ROM drive
and interface card ("Works fine under DOS" .. and the manual says Mitsumis are

I got the summer '94 revision B boot disk from ftp.yggdrasil.com and it ended
up giving me lots of errors like "NEC CD-ROM I/O error" ..

Anyone have a similar configuration and/or solution?

If I can't get Linux to see my CD-ROM, I'll probably end up returning the
Yggdrasil CD and getting the slackware or SLS CD so I can copying all of the
compressed stuff from the CD to my hard drive and installing from there..
since the only reason I want Linux to see my CD-ROM is for installation..


1. Can't install Yggdrasil summer 94 CD-ROM with SCSI-1 CD-ROM


  I can't install my Yggdrasil summer 94 CD-ROM with the following SCSI
related configuration :
  1) 1 Adaptec 1542C controller
  2) 1 240MB SCSI-2 hard disk
  3) 1 Sound Blaster 16 AIC-6360 sound card
  4) 1 NEC SCSI-1 CD-ROM (I say it is SCSI-1 because ezscsi.exe provided by
     Adaptec detects it as a SCSI-1 one without support for parity checking).

  I have tried to install Linux with the following two configurations :
  1) connect the CD-ROM to SB16 card and the hard disk to 1542C controller :
     I typed the command
     Linux aha152x=0x340,11,7,1
     to boot Linux but failed after a long period of detecting my CD-ROM
     and dumped a lot of messages about the queue status.
     I noticed that the parity checking is enabled.

  2) connect the CD-ROM and hard disk to 1542C with parity checking disabled
     while just connect the sound output from CD-ROM to SB16 card only :

     I used the default booting process and it failed a lot faster and told
     me that it can't mount the CD-ROM (kernel panic : unable to mount VFS).

  These two configurations work fine under both OS/2 2.1 and DOS/Windows.

  Now I need help to the following questions :
  1) How can I install Linux using this CD-ROM with such config ?
  2) Which other CD-ROM distribution can I use to install Linux ?

  One of the major reasons to buy CD-ROM is to run Linux. Failing to do so
frustrated me a lot. Please help me !

Thanks in advance,

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