LMS/Phillips CM-205 CDROM Support

LMS/Phillips CM-205 CDROM Support

Post by Bill P Woodwa » Thu, 19 Jan 1995 02:18:57

Well, I think I've finally given up hope of getting this CD-ROM
working with Linux.  I've been trying for about a week and I finally
gave up last night after reading the following pieces of information:

From the Yggdrasil Summer 1994 docs, p. 62, Section 8.9.1, "Kernel
Enhancements", number 11:

11. Philips/LMSI cm205 cdrom driver version 0.3.  This driver only
works with Philips drives made before July 1993, ...

Then from the READ.ME file included on the DOS driver diskette which
came with the CD-ROM:

Note:  The device driver on this disk will operate properly only with
CM205 drives manufactured after June 1, 1993.

All of which leads me to believe that the CD-ROM hardware interface
obviously changed after June 1, 1993 (my CD-ROM was manufactured
November, 1993).  Sorry if this is *not* news to other people using
this CD-ROM, but it was to me. :-)

Also, if anyone would like to prove me wrong, I would be happy if you
would do so :-)  Otherwise, anyone selling a single or double-speed
Mitsumi cheap?


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kernel hacker (in fact not at all) I just rolled over and gave up.  Now
I'm considering an upgrade to a newer version (whatever is on the InfoMagic
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