Modem Access - how do I program?

Modem Access - how do I program?

Post by System Operat » Sat, 28 Jan 1995 16:04:32

I am looking to write a simple expect/send type of script for the
modem in order to send some data to another site.  I can program
in C and in Perl so I could use either of these but I don't
quite know where to start with this...



1. accessing dos partitions with wd7000fasst scsi, isc unix 2.2, dos[345]


        i'm running isc unix 2.2 on a generic 386. my disk is a micropolis
300MB which i've formatted into a 100MB dos and a 200MB unix partition. my
controler card is the western digital 7000fasst. i'm trying to mount the
dos partition under unix. i've gone through the sst manual (v3.36) and
manual created the nodes for additional dos partitions. i've tried the
setdos utility and every permutation of mount but am unable to access the
dos partition. my only clue is that i get the error message about unix
being unable to recognize the file system type. could isc be unable to
recognize my dos format? the disk that i booted from to do the initial sst
partitioning was dos4. i then used the dos5 upgrade for the dos partition.
my roomate seems to think that unix only recognizes dos3.3, can anyone offer
a authoritative answer on this? also,is there an isc upgrade, patch, etc
that allows use of dos[45] if that is the case?

thank you for your time and attention
greg moncreaff

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