Alt key usage for DOSEMU in ansi_xterm ?

Alt key usage for DOSEMU in ansi_xterm ?

Post by Mihail S. Iot » Mon, 19 Sep 1994 17:09:06

How can I get usage of the Alt-key in DOSEMU running in ansi_xterm ?
(Necessary for accessing lots of menus in DOS)

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Hello Linuxers!

I use DOSEMU 0.49 with Slackware 1.0.5 and the problem is:

What must I do to use the Alt key in DOSEMU? I started it with
and without RAW key option, but in both cases I cannot use the Alt key.

I have red the whole documentation, but didn't found something about it.

Thanks in advance for any hints

  // Holger Schemel

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