How to upgrade XFree 1.3 to XFree 2.0 ????

How to upgrade XFree 1.3 to XFree 2.0 ????

Post by Thomas Niederreit » Tue, 22 Feb 1994 23:36:28


I think it is time for me to upgrade my XFREE 1.3 (coming with SLS 1.03)
to XFREE 2.0.

Now my questions:
What have I to do?
Which Files must be replaced?
Are the old binaries running with the new XFREE?
Which libs do I need?

I installed LD.SO 1.3 with the libs 4.4.4 short time ago...I knew that the
new XFREE needs LS.SO....but what else?

Or it is possible to run Binaries for XFREE 2.0 with XFREE 1.3 ?
(this solution I would prefer)

I hope that anyone can help me,
thanx in advance,

 Thomas Niederreiter


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