APM with SmartUPS on RedHat 7.3

APM with SmartUPS on RedHat 7.3

Post by Marco van Kamme » Tue, 31 Dec 2002 22:05:44


I have a Compaq Deskpro P866 with RedHat 7.3
Kernel 2.4.18
Compiled the kernel with all possible APM options:


Enabled all advanced power options in my bios.
APM starts:

apm: BIOS version 1.2 Flags 0x03 (Driver version 1.16)
root         3     1  0 13:25 ?        00:00:00 [kapmd]
root       669     1  0 13:26 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/apmd -p 10 -w
5 -W -P

But when i want to monitor the status of my ups i get:

AC on-line, no system battery

I checked the ups with the same cable on a windows machine and it works

Anyone got any idea's???



1. Battery status not working with redhat 7.3/apm

        Hopefully someone can help me here. I recently bought a brand new
laptop from Evesham Micros. The first thing I did was wipe off windows
xp and install Redhat 7.3. Slightly to my surprise this all went very smooth
ly and all my devices work correctly despite this beeing a brand new laptop
 - how linux has moved on in the last few years.
        However, I have one niggling problem that I cannot resolve - the apm
status for the battery always reports "AC on-line, no system battery" eve
n when disconnected from AC. The output from /proc/apm reports "1.16 1.2 0x0
3 0x01 0xff 0x80 -1% -1 ?" and I assume the -1% is what is indicating that
 it is connected to AC Mains.
        I have played around with changing various bios settings, and v
arious kernel parameters. I have also tried recompiling with the experimenta
l ACPI support included but all with no avail - not even a /proc/acpi/b
attery file. However doing 'apm --suspend' or 'apm --standby' works fine,
so the apm is working to some extent.
        So, not through lack of trying on my own first, I have come here to c
ry for help! Its really annoying not knowing when my battery is about to run out.
        The model of the laptop is a Voyager 5615, but probably more relev
ant is the BIOS which is 'Insyde Software SCU v 3.00.03 (Date 05/11/01)' - n
ot one I've come across before.

Thanks in advance for any help.....

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