Help with UUCP: Devices file not set correctly; what port to use?

Help with UUCP: Devices file not set correctly; what port to use?

Post by Keith Manc » Wed, 06 Oct 1993 07:18:00

  I'm having trouble getting UUCP 1.03 to dial out, despite the
UUCP-HOWTO, UUCP-NEWS-MAIL FAQ, and "Managing UUCP and Usenet".

  After attempting to set up the config files (Systems and Devices)
according to the "Manging UUCP and Usenet" book, I still get the
following error in /usr/spool/uucp/.Log/uucico/salzo, where "salzo"
is the name of the machine I'm calling in the Systems file.

uucp salzo (10/4-18:00:46,318,0) ERROR: No matching ports defined

  My modem is on COM2.  When running kermit, I use /dev/cua1 and
have no problem.  With uucico, I've tried /dev/ttys3, /dev/cua1, cua1,
and other variants from the book.  What should I use for a device?

  I've also had some permission problems.  What should the ownership,
group, and permissions of the files in /usr/lib/uucp be?

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Dear all,

i'm using a laptop running Suse8.1 with a custom compiled kernel 2.4.24
which is connected either to a wired ethernet connection or to a wireless.
Both interfaces were set-up using the standard Suse config tool Yast in the
same way as far as name server and routing goes (letting DHCP do all the
work). The wireless has of course some additonal settings.

However, somewhere there seems to be a difference in the configuration,
which I can't figure out (at least not from looking at the
/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-ethx files.

When I reboot the laptop with the cable plugged in, the host name and DNS is
apparently set up correctly.

However, when I have only the wireless device activated, I see that the when
detecting the wireless interface, it gets the correct IP address and
hostname (wlan-xxx), however this information does not seem to propagate
further than this. When the boot process is finished, the name of the
machine is still linux2 (local name). I suppose, DHCP for the second
interface (eth1) is called with different options than for the wired one
(eth0). Were do I need to look for this, if not in ifcfg-eth0/1?
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Thanks for any help to point me in the right direction ...



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