Help: No config file found!

1. Config file not found - HELP!

when i use ConfigXF86, it references files which don't seem to exist
($PROCID.msel, .work, .bak1, et cetera).  I tried to edit the script but
it still doesn't point to anything.

i wrote a config file myself and tried to run startx and runx, both of
which return the following:

Fatal server error:
No config file found!

xinit: No such file or directory (errno 2): Unexpected signal 13

i've put the config in every conceivable place referenced in x docs,
including /etc/ConfigXF86, and it still dies.

suggestions??  I've reinstalled X, upgraded the kernel, and done
everything short of pissing on the machine.  it does it on my desktop
(586/90, 804MB HD, 40MB Ram, 32MB Swap) and on my ThinkPad (486/75, 720MB
HD, 16MB Ram, 32MB Swap), so i'm thoroughly baffled.



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