Problems using dip/slip with 1.1.59 kernel.

Problems using dip/slip with 1.1.59 kernel.

Post by deepak r. kenchammana-hoseko » Thu, 26 Jan 1995 19:48:46


    I have got linux and X running on my PC but am unable to use my
modem whenever linux is running. I am using dip/slip that comes with
the current slackware distribution for a Telepath II fax/modem V.34,

    When I run the dip script to connect to a dynamic slip server the
modem hangs on the 'dial' command (errlvl = -1). I don't hear the
dialing tones nor the connection hiss that should follow it.

    I have considered the following causes:

    1. Modem doesn't work: WRONG (When I boot using DOS or PC SLIP it
       works alright and connects to the server).

    2. Kernel not correctly configured: DUNNO (I have 'make config'-ed
       and as far as I know I have answered all questions correctly).

    3. Boot time messages: DUNNO (I can see messages that say
       SLIP/PPP/CSLIP have been enabled within the kernel but I don't
       see any "UART..." messages at boot time).

    4. Getty running on tty. WRONG (I checked my /etc/inittab and
       couldn't find any getty running on that tty).

    5. ???

    Could any of you suggest what could possibly be wrong? I have
inserted the transcript of my session and my dip script along with
this posting.

    I'd be deeply grateful if anyone can provide a solution to my


\PS Is there any test program to check the modem.
\PS2 Seyon prompts an error message that "modem not working...".
Script started on Wed Jan 25 08:39:14 1995
dedo:/etc/dip# dip -v uom-chat.dip

DIP: Dialup IP Protocol Driver version 3.3.7i-uri (9 Sep 94)

Written by Fred N. van Kempen, MicroWalt Corporation.

DIP: name=root home=/tmp

     host=dedo IP=

     prot=SLIP MTU=1500

Modem set to "HAYES".

Quote:>> main:

Got label `main' at offset 0000023C

Quote:>> get $mtu 1500  

About to set variable $mtu to 1500

Quote:>> default

Destination net/address set to 'default'

Quote:>> port /dev/cua1

PORT: terminal port set to "/dev/cua1".

DIP: tty: open: /dev/cua1 (4) DIP: tty: open: IBUF=1024 OBUF=1020

DIP: tty: set_speed: 38400

DIP: tty: set_databits: 8

DIP: tty: set_stopbits: 1

DIP: tty: set_parity: N

Quote:>> speed 38400

DIP: tty: set_speed: 38400

Quote:>> reset
>> send ATL1M1X3Q0V1E1S0=0S7=045&C1&D2\n
>> print $errlvl

DIP: 3

Quote:>> if $errlvl != 0 goto error
>> dial 626-1920
>> print $errlvl

DIP: -1

Quote:>> if $errlvl != 0 goto error

Got label `login' at pos 00000458

Got label `wait login' at pos 000004A1

Got label `wait ord' at pos 0000050A

Got label `done' at pos 0000069F

Got label `error' at pos 000006EF

Quote:>> print SLIP to $remote failed.

SLIP to  failed.

Quote:>> exit:

Got label `exit' at offset 00000716

DIP: tty: set_speed: 0

DIP: tty: set_disc(0): Bad file number

DIP: tty: set_state: Bad file number

DIP: tty: restore: Bad file number

dedo:/etc/dip# cat uom-chat.dip


# sample.dip   Dialup IP connection support program.

#         This file (should show) shows how to use the DIP

#         scripting commands to establish a link to a host.

#         This host runs the 386bsd operating system, and

#         thus can only be used for the "static" addresses.


# NOTE:        We also need an examnple of a script used to

#         connect to a "dynamic" SLIP server, like an Annex

#         terminal server...





  # Set maximum transfer unit (MTU)

  get $mtu 1500

  # Make SLIP route the default route of my machine    


  # Set the desired serial port and speed

  port /dev/cua1

  speed 38400

  # Reset the modem and terminal line.

  # This seems to cause trouble for some people!


  # Prepare for dialing. My modem's initialization string.

  send ATL1M1X4Q0V1E1S0=0S7=045&C1&D2\r

  #wait OK 2

  print $errlvl

  if $errlvl != 0 goto error

  dial 626-1920

  print $errlvl

  if $errlvl != 0 goto error

  wait CONNECT 60

  if $errlvl != 0 goto error

  # We are connected.  Login to the system.


  sleep 3

  send \r\n\r\n

  # Wait for login prompt      

  wait Username: 10

  if $errlvl != 0 goto error

  # Send your username

  send USERNAME\n

  # Wait for ack.

  wait ord: 5

  if $errlvl != 0 goto error

  # Send password


  # Wait for the slip server ready prompt

  wait slip-server> 30      

  if $errlvl != 0 goto error

  # Send commands to the server now

  send slip\n

  wait <whatever> 30

  # Get the IP address from the slip server

  get $remote remote

  if $errlvl != 0 goto error

  wait address 30

  get $local remote

  if $errlvl != 0 goto error


  print CONNECTED to $remote with address $rmtip

  mode SLIP

  goto exit


  print SLIP to $remote failed.


dedo:/etc/dip# exit


Script done on Wed Jan 25 08:40:26 1995

"What's done cannot be undone" - Macbeth, V.1(pre-emacs)
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